Over time, I am realizing that the saying "quality over quantity" really stands true.
I've always been the type of person to spend a few more dollars for what I believe is a better quality item. Like many beginner make-up enthusiasts, my first few brushes were from ELF because they were effective and in expensive. 

What I found over time and after too many experimental dollars was that you get what you pay for. 
Lately I've broadened my horizons in exploring brush variations. This is the newest of my collection that I have acquired from Sephora. 

 I will share my experience with a review in the next blog post. 

Do you have holy-grail brushes you resort to? Is there a brand of brushes you love ? 

Share with me below.

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I wish it was easy to say I've been gone because life so hectic.
Truth is, after about 2 missed posts, I got entirely too comfortable feeling guilty about the missed posts. Also I became rather fond of editing videos (with any free time I had) rather than blogging. [yikes]. 

A few wonderful life changes happened that genuinely deserved all of my focus and energy. 
My new job is exactly in a field I've always dreamt of. Doing something I'm quite fond of. That is all that I'll say about that. 

Enough about that though. 
I have to admit a lot of the planned posts are still in the works but I am extremely existed to share all of it with you. 

For those who stayed. Thank You for sticking this out. 
If this is your first time stopping by, welcome, subscribe and enjoy the ride. 


I know I JUST hosted a giveaway just a few posts ago but this blog is all about being love and giving love so if I could giveaway something in every blog post, I absolutely would!! 

I've been cooking with Blue Apron for a few months now and its been such a fabulous experience that I absolutely had to share it with you. 

Blue Apron is a fresh food subscription where you are sent fresh ingredients every week (if that is your choice) along with recipes on how to prepare the meal. There is a large variety of diet options that you can choose from and you can learn more about those options here.

I love using Blue Apron simply because it makes life a little bit less hectic. Coming home after work without a doubt on what I'll be having for dinner, I don't have to wonder if I have the grocery items for it or if there is enough. Blue Apron sends you everything you need down to the quantity of spice needed.   From my subscription I have earned 3 free meals to share with friends and I will be giving away 2 of those meals. YES. This means two winners of a free meal from Blue Apron directly to you!!!


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The two winners will be chosen, contacted and announced in June 1st's blog post keep your eyes peeled!!

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The best part of blogging for as long as I have been is watching yourself change. 
When I began blogging, I was solely keeping a digital diary of my entire college experience. Over time, I have added things, removed others and implemented some of my creative ideas into projects that I've shared here. 

I've been working on some projects lately that I have included - here that I am very proud and very fond of. 

Along with a new layout, I've included a few fun new additions to my blog.

The new ADVERTISE section includes banner ads, blogger features and services offered by my blog. 
This section offers advertising and promotional packages for brands and bloggers. 
*Blogger Features* is a section I'm currently working on so stay tuned for that. 

My SHOP is directly linked to eBay where I list items of all sorts. Free shipping on all items
Check it out every week to see what I have listed. 

Lastly my Youtube Channel which has been SOO much fun to work on has now been updated to two uploads per week with Tuesday videos and The Saturday Review on ...Saturdays!! 

Be sure to check out all these new additions and keep up with me on my other social media channels.

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The topic of beards is not typically popular till #noshavenovember but do you really need to wait till November to discussed your man's manly mane? 

Just as we use cleansers, oils and toners to keep our skin nice and touchable, gents also do the same to keep their face. I decided to put the Smooth Viking Beard Care to a test by sending it out to someone who could really benefit from it. Lionel's 9-5 involves a suit and tie and after work he is a Blue Belt BJJ fighter. Here is what he had to say about the Smooth Viking beard kit. 

"I successfully used the Smooth Viking Beard Kit product over a period of two weeks. Started by cutting my beard as low as possible in order to fully notice it's effect. I applied the oil every night before bed. With time I noticed my beard grew softer and was more manageable the same was noticed by my Barber as well. The conditioner made it more malleable during my morning routine and my beard was kept moisturized even after brutal work out. The only downside was the smell that lingered behind besides I would highly recommend this product to any one looking to ameliorate their facial hair."

Guys are very simple in a sense that either something works or it doesn't. Not only did Lionel notice the difference after two weeks, his barber did as well. Get your guy prepped for #noshavenovember by picking up your kit here

Packaging   Affordable ✓  Effective 

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ADIOS to winter and HELLLOOO party season! 
Although it is still rather chilly around my parts of the world, there is no denial that the sun is going down a little bit later meaning summer is near. The beginning of spring especially tends to be proms, graduation parties, barbecues and many more festive occasions that call for a get together. The idea of party planning is fun yet stressful but it doesn't have to be. Planning ahead of time, staying organized and of course fun discounts, sales and coupons to keep you wallet happy are all ways you can avoid the stresses of party planning. 


♡ One of the best ways to organize a fun and fabulous party on a budget is to take advantage of the options you have. There are some options right at your fingertips, which many people may not be aware of. Websites like DISCOUNTRUE is a great place to start. They offer coupon codes for stores you probably already shop from. 

Coupon codes are codes given to use at particular stores or websites. They usually either offer a percentage off of particular items, or a special price on those items and can be used at the point of purchase. Besides using coupon codes and online sales, there are many other ways to make your party a huge success on a budget.

♡ Shop locally and you won't have to spend a lot of money on gas going a long way away to find what you want. Look at the sales going on in the stores near you. You can usually find the sales flyer for the week online.

 Have a theme, but be flexible. Maybe your theme is important to you. If so, it may be more cost effective to choose one or two main decorations to fit the theme, and simply color coordinate everything else. For example, you could get balloons and cake with the theme, and choose a table cloth, paper products, and streamers, all in colors which highlight the theme.

♡ Plan ahead as much as possible. This will make it easier to find sales when you want them. Keep your eyes open for good deals and purchase when things are at a good price.

♡ Keep the food simple, and make as much as possible yourself or if anyone asks if they can help, don't hesitate to make requests of them. You can always cut down cost by asking someone to bring food or drinks if they offer. That in itself is a great way to cut down the expense. 

Throwing a party on a budget does not have to look cheap. When you look for coupon codes, take advantage of sales, and remain flexible in your decorations, you are sure to end up with a great party and less expense. 

Even if you aren't planning or hosting any parties, DISCOUNTRUE is a great place to purchase you gifts without breaking your bank.


What are some ways in which you save money when planning a party?

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My natural natural hair has prompted the use of a variety of oils and moisturizers both natural and man made. I've experimented with coconut oil, almond oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil and a varying concoction of oils and conditioners for both my hair and skin. 
Although the frigid winter weather in New York is long gone, its harsh and drying effects are long lasting not only on my skin but also on my hair. 

I've been experimenting with the Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil as an oil-wash lately for my hair. Brand Backer sent me this 100% Pure Australian tea tree oil for testing.

PRODUCT CLAIMS: Can be used as a shampoo, lotion, soap, face cleanser and body wash to fight Acne, Toenail Fungus, Lice, Yeast Infections, Skin Tags, Cold Sores, Dandruff, Ringworm, Fleas, Warts, Psoriasis and more. (by more I mean this can also be used as a cleaning agent for your home!)


Shipping took quite a bit of time because it was coming from Australia. Packacing was secure and it arrived secure and intact. Although there was no book included :(

I used it as a conditioner / shampoo and it was AMAZING on my scalp.
I've always heard people talking about using oils for pre-poo but I never actually considered it till I received this oil and thought it'd be a great idea to test it out. (how daring, imagine if it made me hair fall out or something?)

After several washes I found that not only did my scalp feel exquisitely clean, my pores were breathing, my hair felt nourished and my tresses were squeaky clean!! I tend to have a dryer than average scalp so I have to moisturize my scalp every chance I get. I did not leave a greasy or gross residue which I really appreciated.

*The scent of the tea tree oil is certainly [strong]. I would definitely file the scent under the astringent category. 
I really enjoyed using this. I've only tested it on my scalp / hair so far and I really liked the results it rendered so I am more inclined to test it else where now. 

Apothecary Extracts was so kind to offer one of my readers a full size bottle of the Tea Tree Oil. If you are eager to try this, it can be purchased here; Apothecary Extracts  100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil

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 The warmer is weather in New York has been undeniably beautiful lately and beautiful weather certainly calls for beautiful skin! Throughout the frigid and dreary winter months, I used a variation of oils and moisturizers to keep my skin happy and healthy.  

With the warmer weather approaching, I've changed and replaced a few items, leaving my spring / summer skin care routine a little simpler yet effective. 

 I use this mask once a week to clear and detoxify my skin. 

 Aveeno is always a go-to brand for me. The micro-beads in the daily cleanser is soft and gentle enough for everyday exfoliation and skin brightening.

I finish off my routine using witch hazel as a natural toner. This soothes and balances the skin's ph especially after detoxifying or using any harsh products that may strip the skin.

What new products will you be adding to your skin care for the spring / summer? 

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Link Love is a theme I've featured on my blog in the past. While doing some technical maintenance on my blog, I came across these posts and remember how much of a great idea it was.
The internet has been FLOODED with personal branding and style and these posts are definitely the most perfect ways to shout out some of those. 

In the Link Love posts you can expect to find fashion, beauty and lifestyle themed posts as it relates to Love Mavin so I hope you enjoy.

This fashion blogger is so cool it hurts. I'm not just talking about her beautiful fro! Her attention to detail in styling is simply impeccable.
|| Simply Cyn  ||

The beauty behind this blog traveled to the US (Florida) to attend school and I've been watching her blossom into a beautiful woman and (recently) wife since. Her style is effortless and very feminine check her out.
|| Nany's Klozet ||

Her name says it all. Her chic and never-forgotten outfits are styled with details in mind. All outfit posts are certain to spark your interest.
|| Skinny Hipster Blog ||

She seems like such a sweet spirit in her videos. Her youtube videos are primarily of make up and beauty but she also endulges in fashion. She is a fashion design major after all.

I have no shame fan girl-ing this young lady! It is always such an honor and inspiration to see a young woman rapidly become so successful doing what she loves. If I were to rave on any more I would simply bore you. Check out her make up tutorials on Youtube!

Carla's channel primarily focuses on make up and hair tutorials and I love her for just that! Her looks are very simple and easy to attain - a style that I quite appreciate - and her hair tutorials are simple darling!

Amazing life coach and motivational speaker. His videos help you analyze and plan towards fixing any challenges you may be facing.
|| Brendon Burchard on Youtube ||

If you adore minimalist interior design, join me here as I SWOON over the Stylizimo blog.
|| Stylizimo Blog || 

Watching other people do things like cook is quite relaxing for me. Be sure to indulge in this channel where both everyday and fancy international meals are cooked and he animated narrative voice will keep you entertained throughout.
|| Food Wishes on Youtube || 

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