Why hello there!
Its been a SUPER hectic week for me. Starting with having to take off the weekend to catch up and work ahead in school work! The rest of the week was spent pulling all nighters, literally I would wake up at 9am, school, and do school work till 6am , sleep - wake up- do it all over again >_< . I'm just taking it easy this weekend so I can re-boost for the upcoming week. Of course I could go on and on about school but who really wants to read about all of that depression?
..No fancy cuisine here. One of our late night / mid morning meal runs.

...Dinner and a movie =]
I totally adore this look on other people.
 I like the idea of the structured almost androgynous inspired look on females. If I could afford to dress like this EVERYDAY ...I totally would. Brooklyn Blonde 's style totally does it for me every time!
 I wore this to a scholarship dinner during the week.

All my jewelry is from Express.
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