Good Bye September.  HELLOO OCTOBER!!
..Anyone else think last month literally FLEW by? 

Fun new things and opportunities this month. Seize the moment everyday people.  Remember there will never be another yesterday but there will always be another tomorrow.

*This is a picture heavy post.

 What I will apologize for is the quality of upcoming pictures. I decided to whip out my camera and try it out again ...Lo and behold the quality failed me so I'll hopefully be investing in a new one by Christmas.  Throw any suggestions my way please.
The color here is more true to the actual polish than the other pictures.

Audacious Asphalt | Impeccable Greys | Spanish Moss

Have you met Lilly? ..

I haven't blogged about my natural hair in so long! I straightened it myself for the first time and it is definitely long enough to start wearing it in a bob :) ..But I'm not -_-

Instagramed - Magz725.
 ...And now the MUCH BETTER quality photos from my iphone.

So many colors on my plate =]


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